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Post  Jbdivinus on Thu Jan 21, 2010 11:57 pm

My article can be found here:

February 5th Presidential Elections Platform

Canadian Paradox Party members,
I am addressing you today in the hopes of winning your support and your vote, to represent you as a candidate for Prime Minister of Canada, come February 5th. Many others will be competing for this honour, and with this platform I hope to convince you of the worthiness of my candidacy. The goals I have set for my administration are daunting; I have two primary goals, which will require enormous effort to accomplish simultaneously. The primary goal of my administration will be to focus on increasing our gold reserves by several thousand gold, in preparation of the to-be-released V2. Secondly, the defence staff and the Office of Strategic Services will work tirelessly on improving the military capabilities of private organisations, of you the citizen, and of the CAF.


As former deputy Minister of defence, leader of the Canadian Resistance Movement, and a current member of the CAF Elites, I have seen both sides of many of the conflicts in the issues surrounding military spending and structure. The first thing that I will do as Prime Minister is to create the Office of Strategic Services, an office designed to separate the CAF funding from funding for external military enterprises. The OSS will be responsible for handling Private armies, economic warfare, and any other opportunity to increase the military power of eCanada. The OSS will have a large budget, compared to the 750 CAD weekly that is now donated to the Crimson Canucks. Any organisation that holds the belief they can increase eCanada’s military power outside of the CAF will be qualified to apply for funding.

As for the CAF, while in eCanada, I propose that CAF members do participate in working in CAF operated companies, for standard CAF wages. However, this should be done on a schedule, where at any given time a majority of the CAF is still working in the private sector of the economy, so as not to disrupt it greatly, while at the same time significantly improving the stockpiles of our army. The CAF will buy only Canadian products, and efforts will be made to make these products more affordable, for the army and for citizens. It is understood that this is a complex project and can only be successful with the consent and support of the CAF officers. Regardless of the structure and organisation of the CAF, there will be meetings where improvements are discussed and planned, with the simple goal of increasing our military efficiency with respect to damage and cost, and effect on the economy.

For the public, orders will continue to be issued daily, and for important battles, all citizens who contact the Minister of Defence will be supplied, to maximise the damage done by eCanada. The CAF is the backbone of our military strength, but the citizenry has an important role to play, one that will not be neglected or treated lightly.

Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs were once a highly efficient machine, when Derek Harland restructured the Ambassador team it was at the peak of its potential. Now though, with leadership positions being vacated for various reasons, and with many ambassadors who are only semi-active, this needs to be improved. Articles will be released explaining that we are looking for ambassadors, and an active ambassador will be provided to as many countries as possible.

We will have many MPP’s in need of renewal during the beginning of the February term. The need for renewal will be examined carefully by alliance representatives, military staff, and a private council. Each MPP costs 100 gold and will only be renewed if it the cost is deemed appropriate.

Canada will remain in its stance opposed to imperialism, and will continue to support our allies in the fight against PHOENIX, defending countries such as Australia when they are overrun by power-hungry countries such as Brazil. Canada will continue to be a symbol of peace, honour, and courage throughout the New World, but will be able to provide efficient assistance to nations in need with the CAF and Ministry of Industries.

I am in support of what has been dubbed Operation Teabag. If it has not commenced by the 5th, I will be pressuring our alliance to begin the invasion of the eUK. As a result of this mission, eCanada will hold at least one conquered region, and benefit from the increased tax revenue and morale. However, it is important to realise that the eUK is not our enemy, only the current leaders who have supported PEACE and have facilitated attacks against us for so many months are our enemies. The invasion of the eUK is not a permanent mission, these regions will eventually be liberated, and with our support. No nation deserves to be erased from the map permanently, and if we advocated that, we would become everything we are fighting against in the war against PEACE/PHOENIX.


As the current Minister of National Revenue, I know exactly how important it is that we increase our reserve. The primary goal of my economics department will therefore be to develop and undertake several projects designed solely for the purpose of increasing the gold reserve, such as using the monetary market on a global scale. The Minister of National revenue will continue the new program that has been implemented this term, by selling CAD, regulating the currency by purchasing offers that are too low. In this way, we can hope to increase our reserve by several hundred gold over the month.

The Ministry of Finance will continue the Savings Bonds program, and paying citizens back will be done quickly and efficiently. This will increase our reserves by thousands of gold. A realistic budget will be prepared, and will (if passed) take into account new tax laws to accurately predict the amount of CAD needed, and to avoid printing more CAD than necessary. The Ministry of Finance will oversee transfers to the treasury and to government organisations.

The Ministry of Industries will continue to operate government owned companies, and will look to either expand or simply offer as many jobs as necessary for new players, to accommodate the requirements of a baby boom. The goal of the Ministry of Industries this term will be to partially shift the focus off of increasing federal reserves of products, and on supplying our citizens with food and gifts, as well as exporting products to foreign countries to bring in gold to Canada.

Domestic Affairs

As a former Minister of Healthcare and Social Services, current volunteer mentor for the Ministry of Education and for the NewPlayers Program, one of my primary interests in erepublik is informing citizens about current events and game mechanics, as well as providing them with the means to take full advantage of being a Canadian Citizen. Currently, the Ministry of Education is doing a great job with their articles, but they need to be posted more frequently. I am in favour of producing shorter more condensed articles released in succession of each other as a series, to keep citizens interested and the Ministry of Education newspaper popular. I am also supportive of running ads for the MoE to increase the recognition it receives. The Ministry of Education will also coordinate with the eUniversity, which will be ready to open towards the end of the term, and it will also be supported in its attempt to go international.

As for the Ministry of Immigration and Citizenship, I think it is important to finally launch an international campaign promoting Canada. Esteemed writers around the country will be asked to create an article promoting Canada, and the winner of this contest will receive a prize. Their article will be released around the world and ads will be linked to it. This will be done in conjunction with the baby boom planned by Fram, and Canada’s population will increase dramatically. In order to make this baby boom sustainable the Ministry of Industries will be launching a special program, to insure that food and jobs are available for new players.

The Ministry of Health and Social Services will play the most important role in improving the quality of life in eCanada during my term. This ministry will be responsible for providing moving tickets to all players in a non Q5 hospital region so that they may move to a region with a Q5 hospital (this will not apply for congressional elections obviously.) The ministry will provide food and gift packages to new players or players who are attempting to revive their citizen. Meals on Wheels will be revamped so that new players with low skill can receive food of moderate quality for a reasonable price.

The Ministry of Official Languages will continue to receive the support of the government. The translation service will be finalised, and all government articles will be translated into French with the utmost precision, accuracy, and speed. Current laws will continue to be translated in both languages, and once the new constitution is finalized, it will be published in both French and English.

The Minister of Heritage will receive more government support than it has in the past, so that our Wiki will be fully updated by a team of experienced players who will have a deep well of knowledge concerning our history.

To continue the recognition of Canada and its history, in parallel with the Ministry of heritage, eCBC will be used as an outlet of information, and will now have a new section, announcing debates in congress, and recognizing various accomplishments of our citizens and soldiers, such as CAF promotions, well written articles, etc... eCBC will become an outlet for up to date, exciting information about the regular citizen. eCBC will also be opening up a new branch, the eCBC radio!

To launch this program, there will be a public poll where citizens can provide names for our Hospitals, Defence Systems, and government companies. These institutes will be named in honour of historically important Canadians and Canadian events. Building excitement about our nation’s history and those who have and continue to contribute to it is key in building activity and retention amongst players.

Executive Administration

Presidential Office
Prime Minister: Jbdivinus
Senior Advisor: Scrabman
National Policy Advisor: Adasko


Military Affairs:

**Chief Warrant Officer: Chucky Norris
Minister of Defence: Derek Harland
Minister of Civil Defence: Goran Thrax
Minister of Foreign Affairs: PimpDollaz
**Office of Strategic Services: Tyler F Durden
**Ministry of Disinformation: Spencer Magee

Economic Affairs:

**Minister of Economic Affairs: SirShaunDeLaRonSmith
Minister of Finance: Addy Lawrence
Minister of National Revenue: Chamrajnagar
Minister of Industries: CitizenB

Internal Affairs:

Minister of the Interior: Wilhelm Gunter
Minister of Health and Social Services: Saya Innsbruck
Minister of Education: Booleus
Ministry of Immigration: Ayeshan Dakseus
Minister of Heritage: Zblewski
Minister of Official Languages: Pandobox

Federal Agencies:

Military Affairs:

Chief of Defence Staff: Coda
CAF General: Ramizeth
Director of CSIS: Marcchelala
*Ambassador Corps: M.H.Aurelius

Economic Affairs:

Treasury Board: Alexander Rearden

Internal Affairs:

eSRC: Eldorino
eUniversity: AngryMobMan
eCBC Newspaper: Greg McNeish
**eCBC Podcast: Acacia Mason

** Indicates New Ministry/Agency
* Indicates a new director of an Agency


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