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Jacobi for President, Dec 05

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Jacobi for President, Dec 05 Empty Jacobi for President, Dec 05

Post  Jacobi on Sat Nov 21, 2009 1:51 am

First: Much love, my brothers <3

Announcement Speech can be found here;

Statement of Principles:

As co-author of Treian's campaign platform, I happen to agree with everything in it. Here's a reprint of it:

On Economics,

The Ministry of Finance will be required to issue weekly analysis of the Canadian economy and advise tax changes to Congress for the following week. We will work to ensure a low VAT and relatively low income taxes. A low VAT encourages the “shop local” mind set and will help ensure that Canadians don’t shop around to different countries, and a low income tax compared to the rest of the world encourages international investment and thus, high employment. For the most part, most recommendations will be changes to the import level only to support the local economy.

The Ministry of Finance will also bring forward in these analysis proposals on whether to buy surplus stock on certain resource markets like oil if companies start going bankrupt due to lack of sales, but that there must be a demonstrable need and approval from Congress will be sought and required.

The Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Revenue will propose grant schemes designed to allow established businessmen the ability to break into foreign markets with Canadian exports. The government will not allow loans to private interests due to historic tendencies towards favoritism and that, more than 600 gold owed to the National Bank of Canada was never paid back. Those who have defaulted on government loans will not be allowed access to grants.

The Economic policies of the government will operate exclusively on the KISS (Keep it simple, stupid!) principle. My team will recognize that while erepublik's economic module is inherently complex, the more complex an economic solution is the more difficult it will be to measure with the insufficient measuring tools afforded to us and the more open to abuse the solution will be.

The government will contine to own companies owned by the government in order to make sure there are jobs open for newer players, but will exercise caution in interfering with private capital

On the Military

The government will be one hundred percent committed towards the funding of all aspects of the Canadian Forces and will work towards a goal of 600 members by the end of our second mandate. We will support “General Army” policy whereby members of the CAF will be supported to reach a goal of an army of General ranked players. Elites will be equipped to shorten their journey to Field Marshal.

While we will be active in supporting the Canadian Forces in terms of funding and logistics, the government will maintain an arm’s length relationship with the CAF, measuring the results, not the methods. We will support the High Command in using their expertise to improve the Canadian Forces.

The government will also operate on a policy of existentially close military planning with the United States and EDEN. We will clear all military moves by Canadian Forces with our allies for maximum effectiveness.

We will ensure that despite the 100 gold cost of alliances that Canadians have access to 7 day a week training wars.

Foreign Affairs

The government's first line on foreign affairs will always be well trained, well equipped diplomats with clear lines of communication and responsibility. We will ensure this by making sure Caesar00's training proposal will be enacted in the first week of the first mandate.

We also recognize the importance of our partners in the Brolliance and EDEN, and will follow the examples of previous administrations in keeping continuous high level contact even in the absence of war. While the government will seek out bilateral relations with any country willing to have them, we will keep MPPs confined exclusively to the United States, members of EDEN, and necessary training war countries.

The government will oppose expansion of EDEN to different countries on the grounds that it dilutes effectiveness for very little payoff. The government will not believe it is possible to expand the Brolliance.

Again, in regards to non-EDEN/Brolliance countries, Canada ought to approach other countries in good faith in any negotiation, and be courteous and respectful in any negotiation. Allied or enemy, this courteous and respectfulness must be maintained.

We believe that Canada's international reputation is one of the most important weapons in our entire arsenal. Thus, we will not engage in the occupation of any foreign nation excepting in instances of tactical necessity. I will not sign any contract that cedes foreign territory to the administration of Canada. Imperialism is not a Canadian trait.

Domestic and Government Affairs

My government will strongly support programs that help newer players like Canadian Health Services, Immigration Canada and the Ministry of Education are our best tools to use in case of an eventual babyboom. These tools will be given specific mandates and goals to accomplish, which will be Congressionally mandated (done with the advice and consent of Congress). We will work diligently to avoid the trap of using government programs in flurries, then to die down.

Part of that will be reviving the forum bonus used as an incentive to get new players to participate on As part of this, Immigration Canada will be used to donate gifts to new players under level 5 who join the forums to a maximum value of $15 Canadian per individual. For those above level 5, weapons, again to a maximum value of $15 Canadian.

While my government will immediately begin working on a budget for November 15, we will make sure that Congress is a part of this process and that the budget that is used provides an excellent outline for government expenditures throughout the month. We will not continue the confusing process of best and worst case scenario budgets.

The government will continue to recognize extraordinary Canadians through the Order of Canada, and we will ask Congress to create a special committee should forward recommendations to the Prime Minister by the 25th of each month.

The government will support and continue the constitutional process begun by the Ministry of Justice under Goran Thrax.

We believe that government at all levels, except for those of national security need to be as transparent as possible. The people who voted us into these positions need to be kept aware of what we are doing with our nation and their trust. We have seen too many examples this past month of the government taking pride in a philosophy of “shooting first, answering later.” All decisions made by my government will be transparent, recorded, and accountable for Canadian citizens and Congress.

We will push to change Closed Congress so that is used only on issues that are in a strictest sense national security. Openness in government is important for trust in government, and I will always respect the power and responsibility given to me by the Canadian people. It should go without saying, but considering the last month I want people to make sure, My government will obey the laws of eCanada even when it is inconvenient. It is our rule of law that makes Canada such an effective and responsible nation in erepublik. I will make sure that my government is not so arrogant as to forget that.

Expect yon cabinet and platform to follow as the election actually gets closer.


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Jacobi for President, Dec 05 Empty Re: Jacobi for President, Dec 05

Post  Moffington on Sat Nov 21, 2009 6:19 am

You have my complete unbiased support. Wink
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Jacobi for President, Dec 05 Empty Re: Jacobi for President, Dec 05

Post  Jacobi on Fri Nov 27, 2009 1:31 am

The cabinet is now online!


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Jacobi for President, Dec 05 Empty Re: Jacobi for President, Dec 05

Post  Sir DeLaShaunRon Smith on Sat Nov 28, 2009 10:06 pm

I second Jacobi's nomination

Sir DeLaShaunRon Smith
General of the Paradoxian Guard
General of the Paradoxian Guard

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Jacobi for President, Dec 05 Empty Re: Jacobi for President, Dec 05

Post  neoice on Wed Dec 02, 2009 8:02 pm



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Jacobi for President, Dec 05 Empty Re: Jacobi for President, Dec 05

Post  Greg McNeish on Thu Dec 10, 2009 8:48 pm

Sorry to have been late getting to you guys on this, but on behalf of the Canadian National Coalition, I want to extend my deepest thanks to the Canadian Paradox Party, for supporting CNC member Jacobi, in his successful bid for the Prime Minister's Office.

I look forward to working with all of you, going forward.


Greg McNeish
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Jacobi for President, Dec 05 Empty Re: Jacobi for President, Dec 05

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