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Banach for Prime Minister December 5th

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Banach for Prime Minister December 5th Empty Banach for Prime Minister December 5th

Post  Banach on Wed Nov 18, 2009 9:18 pm

~~~~~Candidate's Address~~~~~

“Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.”
-John Quincy Adams, Statesman

Hey guys!

Some of you may know me; lots of you haven’t had the chance to yet.
I’m just stopping by to introduce myself and get the word out that I am running.
Last time I ran a campaign was in October 2008, a bit more than a year ago. Back then I got elected by a landslide.

Unfortunately to a series of problems in my real life, and the terrible change of the game to V1, I admittedly acted immaturely and left office. I understand that this is just a game, but at the same time, many people commit a lot of time to it. I myself, through these almost two years of playing it consider myself a more mature, well learned individual than I was before.

I reach out a hand of friendship to all of you and hope to that my platform and cabinet will be viewed with interest and constructive criticism.

As far as a CV or qualifications go, I’d rather not go there. It’s sufficed to say that I’ve held every possible and impossible post in Canada, and probably have the most experience in Canada than any other individual. (You may challenge me on that).

I am a man of honour, dignity and live for the people. There is nothing I like more than to give back to others and help them enjoy the game. I sold my q5 house so others can have food. I’ve sold my newspaper so others can fight for our country. I’ve given away everything I have so that the next generations feel they have someone who cars for them and that they are accepted.

My mandate is that of progress. I’m a level headed individual who will study the situation in the nation, debate it, propose new ideas, and then implement new strategies. I am a very cooperative individual, and I try my best to present myself as a mature individual.

No one is perfect but since February 6th of last year I’ve been working my hardest to turn this game into an enjoyable experience for Canadians.

Cheers and expect a platform and a cabinet soon.

If you are interested in being in my cabinet, you may get advanced placement if you apply in the next week. If not, cheers,, and you will be approached by me if I feel you’d make a great addition to our team of responsible individuals.

Thank you all for listening,



~~~~~Cabinet and Platform~~~~~

"Leadership is the capacity to define oneself to others in a way that clarifies and expands a vision of the future."

Preamble Note:

This platform has been originally created in part by a large portion of the Canadian Progressive Front membership. It is re-tuned to fit, more accurately, the needs of the entire nation.

Criticism is welcome, nay, urged, and this platform will undergo MANY changes between now and five days before election time (the 30th of November). I invite everyone to challenge it and constructively help me create something that many provide equal benefit to all citizens.

Prime Minister's Office Platform

[Prime Minister] Prime Minister-> Banach


The Head of State and Government, Commander in Chief of the national army and chief executive of Canadian ministries and crown corporations. Main focus falls on finances, foreign affairs and military.


~~Executive Organisation~~

A. Cabinet
The Cabinet has been created to maximise efficiency in how policies are enacted. The core ministries serve as the perfect balance between giant bureaucratic organizations and limited opportunity organizations. There are six departments that focus on various issues within the state.

B. Secretary General
The Prime Minister believes that it is vital in case of emergency that the Secretary General be able to stand in for the Prime Minister. Therefore should the Prime Minister not be available a mechanism will set in place to allow the Prime Minister to use Prime Ministerial powers. The Secretary General is the platform supervisor and main advisor to the head of state.

C. Deputy Positions
The privilege of appointing Cabinets Ministers will the Prime Ministers. These Ministers may accept the people they wish as Deputy Ministers. Who they work best with is not for the Prime Minister to decide.


A. The Prime Minister believe in lowering taxation. We believe that if citizens have more of their own money they are more empowered and likely to be more active within our community. We also believe that the more money the citizen has the greater his ability to choose for himself/herself. We also believe that this will actually boost the volume of trade in Canada and that by the boost in volume the Government tax revenue will increase.

Naturally we recognise that the economy is not 'stable' and we make no promises in recognition of this fact. Our promise is our AIM. To boost the economy by lowering tax, and (if needed) further currencies issues. We believe that lowering tax must come BEFORE further currency issues.

B. We further propose that Ministry of Finance should itself actively seek to make a profit for Canada. We propose that:

i) Two or more Deputy Ministers be recruited to Ministry of Finance to act as full time 'market traders' on foreign currencies. Such traders would be paid a small percentage of their profits, at the Ministers discretion.

ii) The Minister of Finance should give Government loans for new business, at home or abroad. The Minister, or his representative, must evaluate any proposition and decide that percentage of the Company they require for the loan. The Company password will be kept by the MoF until the loan is repaid with the interest set.

We believe that this way the Ministry of Finance can and will make a profit for Canada and help boost the economy.

C. A future Banach lead Government will require the Ministry of Finance to produce a long term strategy for economic war and destabilisation of potential enemy countries. This will include the gradual buying up of vital companies and storing reserves of currency.

D. Organisation: If the MoF personnel do not already have private forum they must have in Canadian forums.



A. The current limits for CAF membership are too low. This stops those able to join the CAF or Elites from joining and thus reduces our war efficiency. A CAF lead Government will consult with Ministry of Defence on raising the requirements for CAF Regulars and Reserves.
Any person who meets the future standards will automatically be admitted to the CAF, without having had to pass through the Rangers.

B. The Elite also will be set a higher standard and those who qualify for elite from CAF will automatically pass into it upon request.

C The Rangers will be open to ALL granted Canadian citizenship and continue to be the training for younger citizens. Once a citizen qualifies for CAF he/she will automatically move on.

The Supply Structure

A. We believe that the military must have their own companies for supplies. Such companies will employ military personnel if possible and be able to fire them when needed.
These companies will be run by the Quartermaster General (QMG)and a staff appointed by him. The QMG will report to the MoD but also have access to MoF forums.

B. Each Military platoon with 10 members + will qualify for a weapons company. For Rangers The Prime Minister would seek to buy existing companies at Q1 level. For CAF at Q3 and for elites Q5. Each platoon that qualifies will submit its own member to QMG staff, if none is appointed by him/her. Private military organisations are welcome to participate.

C. The companies will (if possible) be purchased so that private enterprise does not suffer. However The Prime Minister believes it is essential, for now, that essential National Assets remain in Government hands.

We believe that this will lead to greater manoeuvrability for our military, more freedom and self identity for the Units (esprit de Corps), and most importantly save the government money since to some extent the military will be making their own weapons. However we believe that, for now, such companies must be run by the Government under QMG. We welcome the day when the military may purchase these supply companies from the QMG/Government, we do not believe this is the time.

~~Foreign Affairs~~

A. The Prime Minister Congratulates all Parties, Soldiers, businessmen, the current Government and our Allies on the expulsion of PEACE from Canadian soil.

B. The Prime Minister believes that this war is not over. Canada is liberated but unless we wish to be invaded again we must not let up.

C. We believe that all Imperial ownership is wrong, especially with the fall of PEACE close at hand.


A. A Government lead by The Prime Minister will proclaim a 'Liberty Charter'. This will proclaim our UNCONDITIONAL support to any nation that wishes its regions liberated, regardless of any past circumstances. We shall urge Eden and USA to accept this doctrine.

B. Joint Task Force 17 will be established to publicise and advise any nation of our ability to help.

C. After the proclamation of the Liberty Charter any country that wishes a Non Aggression Pact will be submitted for Congress approval. Any country that does not accept our offer or contact the Liberty Bureau will be regarded as a potential enemy.

D. Canadian Ambassadors will be asked to report weekly in a separate forum to which Intelligence Minister will have access.

E. Foreign Exchange; Selected Ambassadors will be supported to move to the country where they represent Canada to learn their systems and organisation. This can be done with allies or potential enemies and will be at the discretion of the MoFA.

The Prime Minister believes that these policies will promote justice for oppressed nations, continue to press our recent occupiers, help make new allies and add efficiency to our foreign relations.

~~Platform Summary~~

In Foreign Affairs we apply Liberty to all and increased efficiency. In military we wish to end 'bottlenecks' that stop new citizens joining. We wish to give the military a greater self determination and identity, we believe our proposals will also bring greater economy for Canada. In finance we apply our principle of economy - we have one - let us use it! We support private imitative that again saves Canada money and boosts tax revenue. In Government we propose decision making by ONLY those that can decide, in short; efficiency.

[Deputy Minister]Secretary General (Formerly Deputy Prime Minister)-> Eldorino


In charge of reviewing the performance of the cabinet every two days and to make sure the platform is being fulfilled. Replaces the Prime Minister


Will keep a copy of the platform, in both French and English, in the eCanada national forums. It will be publically viewable and open to criticism. The Secretary General will provide a weekly review to the Prime Minister on how the platform is carried out and if changes need to be made.

[Government Official] Press Secretaries-> Alias Vision (PR) and ICamero (Comms)


Deals with public relations issues and is the main communications tool of the government.


The Public Relations Press Secretary will advise the Prime Minister on media events that require response and will ensure proper Prime Ministerial behaviour is enforced.

The Communications Press Secretary will release daily updates through the Ministry of Communications paper detailing battle orders, and official releases to citizens.

[Government Official] Parliamentary Liaison-> Jacobi


Ensures that parliament and the PMO are always on the same page. Analyzes the issues of Parliament on behalf of the Prime Minister.


Regular updates from the Parliamentary Liaison will help the Prime Minister forge an effective relationship with Congress and be aware of their needs. The Prime Minister will also be reminder of any procedure mishaps and possible problems in new or old acts that the Prime Minister puts forth.

Foreign Relations and Trade Department Platform

[Minister] Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade -> Chucky Norris


In charge of maintaining a network of ambassadors and establishing fair trade deals with other nations.


At this time of shifting power balances and independent states resulting from the PEACE fracture, our ambassadors must work around the clock to mend relationships and continue to reverse the image that each nation in PEACE is automatically an enemy of Canada.

Raw Materials are a crucial part of our economy, and we should be willing to provide excellent benefits to our allies in exchange for resources we may need, workers, or other sensible trades.

[Minister] Canadian Alliance Delegate-> Sara Droz

Specifically in charge of membership issues and training battle participation for Canada. Maintains relations, represents the PMO in meetings if plausible.


With the fall of PEACE imminent, care must be taken to approach the now fractured nations and offer a hand of friendship and peace. The Foreign Policy Directive will be updated and revamped to be a more flexible article that simplifies Canada’s stance towards most nations.

Peace will be signed with all nations Canada has an open war with and we will adopt an isolationist policy towards direct wars, not engaging in any attack past our soil in the name of imperialism. We will focus on liberating any lands that are occupied unjustly and will use our mobile troops to accomplish that.

Ties with Brolliance will be strengthened through mutual actives like exchanges, gift your bro days, contests and other bro-ish stuff.

Training Wars with Malaysia will continue and with the help of EDEN, the liberation of Slovakia will allow or a second set.

[Minister] Minister of Intelligence-> Derek Harland


In charge of acquiring public information concerning foreign actions and on interpreting and preparing solutions for any game changes Admins make.


An important step to being keen on the world stage is to know exactly what the enemy is thinking. A regular search of foreign media, in key nations, will reveal many elements. The faster the knowledge flows in, the better, preferably before it hits the Top 5 and spreads out.

With the recent announcement by admins that major change is coming to the gameplay, especially in economics and ,in part, war, the Minister of Intelligence will have a thread in the eCanada forums to outline the exact changes with an analysis of how they will affect the administration and how one can work with them, or over them.


Executive Committee Platform

[Government Officials] Party Representatives->

Canadian Social Democrats,Democratic Action League,Canadian Progressive Front,Canadian Paradox Party,Canadian National Coalition

An avenue for parties to communicate with the government and each other about malpractices, possible communication improvements, complains about government intervention or queries into government relations or practices concerning parties.

Throughout the term, party presidents will be encouraged to participate in the communication program between the government and its national parties. A thread in the eCanada forums will be open and an avenue for suggestions, complaints, concerns and comments on how the government may help or abstain from helping. Twice per month, parties will be encouraged to attend a meeting where debate may occur and any misunderstandings can be corrected.

[Minister] Auditor General-> Cypher Rahl

Tasked with watching over actions of government and surveying transactions. Oversees budget to ensure transparency and accountability.

As government funds are crucial to running the nation, we believe that a careful investigation into all transactions by both the Prime Minister and the cabinet will be crucial to maintaining a high standard of financial accountability. The Auditor General will report directly to the Prime Minister on a regular basis and address any inadequacies reported in how money was handled.

[Ministers] Directors of the Justice Department-> Goran Thrax (Constitution) andScrabman (Congress Advisor)

Tasked with working on the Constitution and other laws and being a judiciary liaison between the Prime Minister and the Supreme Court.

The Constitution needs to be reworked and there is an open field to continue expand our justice network to include other pieces of law, or to update old ones. Having two directors in charge of justice will expedite the process of expanding Canada’s first class justice system, unmatched by most nations.

The Supreme Court will be tasked with a faux trial to test the standards presented by the new judges and to take a look at how our system is performing.

The Congress exchange program that has grown into a Law review by both sides is an excellent idea that encourages growth between both the USA and Canada.

[Officer] JTF 17-> Taiwan Panda

Like all Ministerial positions, The JTF 17 Officer has the ability to appoint a deputy. This position has liquid policy, and works closely with the Minister of Intelligence, as well as with CSIS, Canada's espionage agency. A small budget will be used for effective international operations sanctioned by the government.

Established as the public, mobile arm of both CSIS and the Ministry of Intelligence, JTF 17 will be an active team of operatives that are tasked with liberating other nations and aiding in any way possible. Their budget will be capped at 100 GOLD per operation and will be reviewed by the Auditor General. Objectives that will be attempted include congressional liberation of PTO’d nations, economic sabotage/assistance, etc.

War Room Platform

[Minister] Minister of Warfare -> Ramizeth

In charge of supplying, organizing, training and maintaining the Canadian Armed Forces.

Will carry out the ideas proposed by the Prime Minister and the Chief of Staff in regard to all aspects of the National Defence jurisdiction.

[Non-Appointed Officer] Chief of Staff-> Coda

The head of the Canadian Armed Forces. Advisor to the Commander in Chief


Continue the excellent training of High Command officers and patronage of troops. Advise Prime Minister on viable military strategy.

[Government Official] CAF Laison-> JT Vanguard

The main strategic analyst to the Prime Minister and the leader of the Canadian Armed Forces and any other attached military units.


Maintain a constant communication between the Prime Minister’s Office and the CAF High Command. Submit frequent reports to the Prime Minister.

[Non-Appointed Officer] CSIS-> Marcchelala

The private Canadian security network that organizes missions and controls the nation's safety. Primarily concerned with threats posed by foreign espionage, organized crime and international terrorism, but also performs background clearances in support of Canadian immigration policies; appointed.


Continue tradition of Canadian excellent Canadian Intel gathering and national safety measures. Submits weekly reports to the Prime Minister about the state of the programs run by CSIS. Will coordinate with JTF 17 and Ministry of Intelligence to bring Canada to the world stage of Intelligence possession.

Public Works Department Platform

[Minister] Minister of Social Services-> Jbdivinus

In charge of health, education, immigration and national disaster management.


In short, responsible for giving out food to the impoverished, moving tickets to those in need of transport, and gifts to support wellness.

Tasked with releasing new citizen guide in all forms of media.

Liaison during times of crisis experienced in Canada.

[Minister] Minister of Internal Affairs-> Treian

In charge of reorganizing the eCanada forums for maximum efficency, administrating and updating eCanadian IRC channels and serving as a security liaison for the government.

Will review the layout of eCanada forums and work with admins to make them much more accessible and visually appealing to users.

Bill be an admin on IRC channel, and will update it with important and relevant news. Will be in charge of moving citizens from the regular chat into private chat.

Will be the first to inform to the Prime Minister of PTO attempts, both inner and from the outside, as well as security breaches.

[ Minister] Ministers of Public Affairs-> Averic

In charge of cultural relations and local diplomacy, and promotion of Canadian arts, culture and media in both languages

In charge of promoting any lotteries and contests held for the people of Canada. Responsible for bilingual Prime Ministerial announcements

Will focus on changing all currently foreign Government terms to strictly Canadian terms.

National Revenue Department Platform

<strong>[Minister] Minister of Finances-> Ralph de Ver
Responsible for national monetary policy and, for all financial matters, acts as primarily liaison between executive ministries and Congress. Maintains economic monitoring, analyzes industries, taxes, and advises on taxation policies congress. In concert with Ministry of Industry, implements policies to regulate, manage and develop the national economy.

Will strive to get the Loonie on par with that of the United States (1 GOLD=40 CAD)

Will work to lower taxation all across the board as the end result may be more money flowing in from consumption.

Profit can be made by implementing both market traders of foreign currencies. These may be deputies, or the Minister of Finance himself. Loans, or in potential cases, government grants and subsidies will be issued to emerging companies.

Economic warfare of potential enemies in the future must be implemented. Long term thinking may lead to a successful disarmament of a foreign hostile.

[Minister] Minister of Industry-> Citizen B

Operates Crown corporations, including employing workers, stocking products, building strategic inventory, creating profits and fulfilling national industrial policy goals. Acts as liaison between industry and government on issues of taxation, international trade development and economic development. In concert with the Ministry of Finance, implements policies to regulate, manage and develop the national economy.


Continue training new Canadians at Q1 companies. Manage stockpiles of resources to distribute to Government incentives and programs such as Meals on Wheels, Health Canada food supplies and other social services projects.

[Government Officials] Economics Advisory Board -> Alexander Rearden, Neil III , Addy Lawrence

Advise the PMO directly on taxing, inflation, trade and employment as a counterbalance to the judgment of the Ministers of Finances and Industry


Will closely monitor the value of the Loonie, the status of trade, the rate of taxation, the usage of Crown corporations, and other relevant financial information and submit reports to the Prime Minister.


I am open to all interviews, debates and question and answer sessions.

I offer the best wishes to all my colleagues that will be running on December 5th.

I thank everyone in advance for any public support expressed towards me and my campaign for a better Canada.


Former Prime Minister of Canada
Current Alberta Congressperson
Former Cabinet Minister
Former Justice of the Supreme Court
Former Professor of the Canadian University
Former CAF General
Former CEO of Banach Oil Enterprises
Former OG Literary Award Host
All around O.K. character



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Banach for Prime Minister December 5th Empty RE:Banach for Prime Minister December 5th

Post  Ralph Kline on Thu Nov 19, 2009 1:59 pm

This is excellent work Banach. Thumbs up from me. Very Happy
Ralph Kline
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