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Trenton for Prime Minister

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Trenton for Prime Minister Empty Trenton for Prime Minister

Post  Trenton Rendell on Tue Nov 17, 2009 1:12 pm

Trenton for Prime Minister P00xj3pW
Over our nation's history we have been faced with choices. While we have celebrated with our good choices, we have payed the consequences of our bad choices. What if we had never went to war with France? What if we never joined EDEN? What if we never stood together as one voice and take back our land from our aggressors?

Our nation is once again faced with a Choice. We could continue with the current administration and weigh the risks of our Governments actions. We could elect a past Prime Minister and give them a second chance to paint a better image of themselves. Or we could go with me? An experienced, loyal and committed eCanadian who wants the best for his country and for his brethren. I ask of you to put aside Party Politics look beyond the image of our Parties and look into who is really capable of leading our great nation into bigger and brighter roads.

I, Trenton James Rendell seek the nomination of your party.

I have split my platform in 5 main topics.

T- Tactical Strategy
The heart of our nation, the pride and joy of eCanada.Hundreds of Women and Men dedicate thier time to see that peace is kept in eCanada and the World. The Ranger program is helping hundreds of new eCanadians learn the ways of the game and of our military. Under the Rendell administration I wish to continue the program and open several more platoons seeing as how there are many eCanadians who wish to join the CAF are unable to do so because of space.
I will continue with our 'Elite' program. A program necessary to help the development of eCanadian 'Tanks'.
With the help of the MoD, MoF and EDEN we will focus on who we the the most important to MPP with and I will make sure the MPP's are updated and not expiring.

R- Reaching Out
The Rendell Administration strongly believes in respect and cooperation with other nations. That's why under my administration we will see a complete restructure of the Ambassador Program. I will make it easier for citizens to get involve while having the best people for the job. Furthermore all information on the Ambassador program will be easier for other nations as well as curious citizens to find. Current Ambassadors need not worry you will be allowed to keep your current post.
Also The Rendell Administration also believes in the importance of Alliances. That's why I will appoint a Representative to all the alliances in the world both Friendly and Enemy, These Representatives will be the voice of eCanada and the Messenger of the Alliance. They will be the best suited for the job.
I will also be checking in with my MoFA and my Alliances Reps on a weekly bases to ensure our voice is being heard all around the world.
eCanada under the Rendell Administration will continue to play a major role in EDEN and the Brolliance these are our best friends we owe the world to them and no amount of words can express our gratitude for what they did for us.
I will also push for stronger diplomacy with enemy Nations. As well as push for peace with countries that we are at war with.

E- Economy
Now to be honest not my strongest point that's why my MoF and MoI will be the most experienced and best suited for the job.
Right from the get go my Ministers will present to me their estimated budget for the month, Myself and the Minister of Finance will look at it (Make corrections if possible) And present the Budget to congress for their approval. to ensure that my Ministers are getting what they need to run their Ministries efficiently
Also under the Rendell Administration we will stop the weekly printings of CAD and move it to a Bi-Monthly procedure.
Because of the 600g loan that was never payed back. All loans must be approved by congress before they are contracted regardless of amount. This will ensure that no bogus loans are being made and not being paid back.

N- National Issues
Now to more domestic issues.
I believe in strength in numbers and the more active and informed a Country is the stronger they are.
It's great that more and more eCanadians are registering onto the eCanadian Forums, but do they ever stay. Under my Administration any eCanadian that registers and post
10 times on the forum will receive 10 CAD not much but 10 CAD can mean a mean or no meal for young Citizens in the game. Hopefully by having them contribute 10 times on the forums it will encourage them to continue participating on the forum and in the game.
I will also keep the public informed in what the government is up to with Weekly newspaper entries. Also I will appoint a Minister of Publication to promote our services such as our Health Canada and The eUniversity.
Being from Quebec IRL My administration will make an effort to promote French Canadians to get more involved in eCanadian life, We have seen the start of this with French articles popping up once in awhile and I hope to see it continue.

T- The Team
I believe in small Cabinets, it's less confusing for both the Prime Minister himself and the Public.
I will only be introducing two new Ministries The Minister of Domestic Affairs and the Minister of Publication. both Ministries will be taking the stress off of the rest of the Cabinet.
I will also be working very closely almost on a daily basis with the Leaders of ALL parties to make sure that they are being heard and the Government can help meet the needs of their Party Members. Because I'm not just working for my party I'm working for all parties, for all of eCanada.
As well any current Party President will not be appointed to a Mnistership, this is because PP's are already overflowed with work as it is making them apart of Cabinet just adds more work.

So make the choice with me.
Elect Trenton Rendell for Prime Minister of eCanada.

Trenton Rendell
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Trenton for Prime Minister Empty Re: Trenton for Prime Minister

Post  Trenton Rendell on Mon Nov 30, 2009 1:09 am

Country Prime Minister
Trenton Rendell.
Serves as PM, responsible in the running of all Ministries, communicating with Foreign bodies as well as successful communications with Congress and the Political Parties

Senior Deputy Prime Minister
Serves as acting PM during absences, responsible for Military functions, CAF affairs.
As well will be responsible for Financial and Foreign Ministries.

Minister of Defense
Responsible for coordinating military planning with allies as well as the CAF.Reports to the DPM and PM as per military chain of command. Able to make strategic military decisions in absence of PM and dPMs
[Non-Appointed] CAF General: Coda

Minister of Foreign Affairs
Responsible for maintaining network of ambassadors, coordinating with intelligence and cabinet, and serving as a face of Canada abroad.
**Ambassadors and Alliance Reps**

Minister of Finance
Responsible for monitoring overall trends in the Canadian economy, advising Congress on tax code changes and developing government plans for economic expansion.

Minister of Industries
Responsible for maintaining and administrating Canadian government businesses owned by Shinra and Ministry of Industries organizations.
Organisations involved. Ministry of Industries; Shinra Electric Power Company

Minister of Immigration
Citizen B.
Responsible for distributing moving tickets to Canadians when required, providing information and forwarding requests for citizenship to CSIS.
Organisation involved Immigration Canada Services

[Non-Appointed] CSIS Director Marchelala

Junior Deputy Prime Minister
Ayeshan Dakseus.
Serves as acting PM during absences of both the PM and SdPM, Responsible for Domestic Ministries

Minister of Domestic Affairs
Responsible for the up keeping of eCanada's Health and Education services.
Org: Canadian Health Services; Meals On Wheels Canada

Minister of Publication
James Wien.
Responsible for effective communication of government plans, actions, and military orders to the Canadian public. As well for the promotion of the eCanadian Forums, IRC and Canadian Services

Minister of Justice
Responsible for government interaction with the Supreme Court, legal advice to all departments, drafting the criminal code and the constitution.

Minister of Transaction
Cypher Rahl.
Serves as check on the federal branch, responsible for accountability regarding financial transactions of government.

Minister of Official Language
Responsible for translations of official government documents to help francophone players contribute.

Minister of Public Safety
Responsible for Canadian IRC and Forums, integrity, security and access.

Minister of New Player Development
Responsible for helping Newer players learn the game and locate eCanadian services such as Forums and IRC.

Minister of State
Taiwan Panda.
Responsible for aiding the Ministries and serves as point man to new government initiatives.
---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------
As well I wish to work with all Party Presidents to discuss specific issues from each Party.
This helps ensure that every Party has a chance to have their voice heard.

Party Council

Karsten Skeries
Tyler F Durden
Gaius Julius Caesar00
Duke Leto

Trenton Rendell
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