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Post  rolled daal on Sun Feb 14, 2010 11:02 pm

Hello and welcome to the home of the Canadian Paradox Party! The centre libertarian party that stands for equality, fresh thinking and of course, eCanadians. For years now, this party has been enormously influential in our eCanadian government. With a continuously strong presence in the Congress, and a unique ability to put someone into the Prime Minister's seat.

That being said, our party has hit a slump. Canada's population is growing, but our party's enrollment has not kept up. We still maintain everything that we stand for, and still hold 13% of the congress seats, but the party needs new people with new and extraordinary ideas.

Let this be the place that your voice is heard. Tell us what you think the party can do to help you, and the other eCanadians just like you. Tell us what you would like to see for goals, for the party and for the country. Without ideas, and opinions, a party cannot stand for the people that it represents, so please, tell us what is on your minds. From the Military, to business, to social assistance and all points in between. What should we do, as a party, do make eCanada better for everyone. Remember, there are no bad ideas, even if it cannot be put into motion, it may strike a debate, or lead someone on a train of thought.

We strive to have an ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP, so please start speaking what's on your mind, and asking the questions that you need answered. I'll leave you with a thank-you,from the idea that became... the CPP!
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